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Hey guys, yes I told you I’d write in English, but I can not lie what confess my exemplary English skills so we just have to thank google translator who was google pretend the translator. Maybe I should reconsider myself as a better translator?

We live in a big world of an entire sheep flock who wallow in shit to be seen and read, but let me make myself clear, this is for myself. But if you drop by this yet quiet blog, dont stop, i will make it a wrap, for I have decided, then it is certain! So dear help one newborn WORD DEPRESSED- with this stuff. I’ve MAC. And you mac users shut up I’ve tried Linuc it is much the same.

So who am I, and what does this wild “antics girl” (whatever that mean)
are gonna tell you day to day? to write about? Well, Im a model? yeah go figure, it’s not as fun as it looks like. The pictures at the top is of today’s snapchat pictures (do not ask) I am interested in music, art, photograph books, classic films, and intresting people, like Einsteins for axample, to bad hes dead….. Yes makeup actually, go figure. I myself prefer everything that makes us pretty whit natural products, but show me your make your closet then Im totally lost. Equalto glossier there, but in the meanwhile me and her have completely different perspectives on life and values, even though she is an accomplished journalist? or makup maker? yeah whatever. I really want you to ask me some questions,whatever? really even if their silly, and if your good whot WORD DEPRESSED. Link me.



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