On day’s like this i really have nothing to offer you really. I been awake to long and longing to just sleep. I want to sleep all the crap i see in the world away, at least to another heaven of two. Of course i cannot allow me to do that. So than i really should talk the talk or walk the walk.


I rather just write, write it off. I hate when people say they love Norway, i dont hate me country, but people think of this place as a good country and so forth. The truth is there you hear a lot of great things, you have a lot of acpectations that we just dont suit up to really. Sorry we are not the greatest country in the world. Its just our social care system that makes us “creat”. I will say that most outlanders would agree whit the issue, the problem is that Norwigian natives are not speared from awfull treatmeant socialy or from the goverment. If you think so you are ignoran’t and foolish.

Today i’m not gonna talk about sarcasm, or iherb, ebay, or any of that crap that in all meaning of common sence mean’s nothing when it comes to the big bang. We Norwigian natives struggle too. We Norwigians natives can also live a crappy life and meet awfull you would not even imagen, things you only think the outlanders meet at our borders or wherever.

In Norway we got these rules, call them commandments if you want. The rule is “normal” in Norway we call them “janteloven”. Tell me what the fuck is normal? Having a Tesla? a smaal apartment for 4 millions and a great guy or family, who has that anyway?, not even trumph has reach Maslows awfull and stupid pyrmid. Well 70% of Norwigian’s have axciety and it ower flow’s whit single mothers stuggeling for their kid’s? Should we blaim the men? No the goverment, who has ruind our family value’s that we so have dare to our heart’s really. And are making the Norwigian youth stupid doing it all any better. Wake the fuck up!!!! Norway has real beuty outside, who cares about about the inside? (These day’s).

Person: “Elise, you’r a princess”

Me: “thank you, but where is my cown?”


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