Knock Knock, Whos there?

Yes we have this called child abuse, from pharents, grandpharents and so forth on, but what about this thing called barnevernet or the CPS? Have you heard a insiders story? the one person and more, that some how mede it, suvived it this we call barmevernet? Let you tell you my story. They throw you around in tha country like garbage f.axample 12 time in 2 years, they medacate you when your not sick (when you have no diagnose), you’r shourly have no rigth to have children when you have been in the CPS care so be carefull, and they fuck up your life if your not fuckt up when you go out of the system OR they offer you a job? YES!

They have men abusing young boys and girls sexusally and psycially/pfysically. They ignore one or the other pharent cuase they want to keep you there, your worth 15.000 kr a day for the private institusion, some more, and its a big fucking money making machine. Have you not wonderd once why we now have “unknown” investors from Europe/China and so fourth investing in our child care? Before we hade nothing called “following up young adults” or in norwigian “ettervernet“. I live in one of the lagerges states in norway and where the test idividual for this, the first, the best (or i thougth i was this little star). Oh… what i did not know that I, Yes i? me who nobody was gonna bring forth a big ide’a that was gonna make a lot of jobs and make the private istitusion in child care BIG money. Your just a pice of paper and if you think badly of your self, be shure they will use you as someone to try somthing new on, they will make you feel special. And in the end, when your once grown up, your paperwork is gone and they will blow your life away if you have the slides ide of what they done.

Did you know that in Norway if you in any way have lived under child abuse of the state or of your pharents we have this Ide’a that you are not suited for beeing a pharent? Like ever? Its in the CPS in norways manuals, the english and yes the USA.

My Mother is a fantastic person and i love you mom, and im sorry for beeing 15 and stupid. It was hard beeing in the middle of you and dad, and im sorry i forgot about my super mom.”

I know what i say may seem unbeliveble but its true. Have you study organizations? well i go to university and oh have i learned a lot about my life and my self by starting up my collage education. I learned that i was foolish to belive they would just let me go after using me and melesting me, i was stupid to THINK i was stupid too, when i learned im an A student? i was sure they made somthing wrong, every time, until i understood there was nothing wrong whit my head and my thougths. ( I study a lot of human behaveor and theory’s)  I allways knew some how, day or onother, they would never let me go, by me knowing what they are doing to children and pharents.

So now you know i was this CPS child and their “star”, and i know what their able to do to other human beeings. It reminds me of one of hitlers child projects.

“The stronges one will suvive? sorry the theory is wrong”. I was never strong, i just had hope.




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