Long time no see, i have been modeling the last week and been verry bussy with other “life’ly” thing’s if we can say it in a propper way. Sometime’s my life seem’s like a movie with the biggest illussion’s ever. Life is not that pleasent at all sometimes, but all this social media can make it seem so real. Its really fun modelling, somtimes stressfull. It’s a town whit maby 10-15 serius photogapher’s here in my city.

I like the non photoshopped picture’s, its show’s actually the reality. But okey it’s not so bad from my real me, and that i am thankfull for. I read this artickle about modelling, and the “rules” of age. Well that’s really not totally true is it? Most popular model’s are over 30 actually, and we never really think about that or the geniu’s photoshop? Its verry important whom ever you are to love your self before you ever go do modelling. Accepting your self first is the most impotantant thing. Actually i really never wanted to model so mutch but do acting, but modeling is ACTING. So you are not totally you. Blesses from the Norwigian girl.



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