Long time no see, i have been modeling the last week and been verry bussy with other “life’ly” thing’s if we can say it in a propper way. Sometime’s my life seem’s like a movie with the biggest illussion’s ever. Life is not that pleasent at all sometimes, but all this social media can make it seem so real. Its really fun modelling, somtimes stressfull. It’s a town whit maby 10-15 serius photogapher’s here in my city.

I like the non photoshopped picture’s, its show’s actually the reality. But okey it’s not so bad from my real me, and that i am thankfull for. I read this artickle about modelling, and the “rules” of age. Well that’s really not totally true is it? Most popular model’s are over 30 actually, and we never really think about that or the geniu’s photoshop? Its verry important whom ever you are to love your self before you ever go do modelling. Accepting your self first is the most impotantant thing. Actually i really never wanted to model so mutch but do acting, but modeling is ACTING. So you are not totally you. Blesses from the Norwigian girl.



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I really need to get away, I know many people love this country. And yes it’s beautiful… But you know when you just have seen it all and have a lot of stuff on your mind? You want to go back to the warmth and strengthen in you again? I miss surfing, laughing, meeting new people, eating stuff I haven’t eaten before. I miss my inner self. Have you ever seen the traveling pants? Yes? I know it’s silly? Or what about The shallow (Oh, dear forget about the shark and focus on the beginning and end? Is there such a silly thing? I hope cause I relly need this break from my place. What about you, are you ready to visit a place alone and where? I really love sitting at home reading but there’s something really important to me missing. My everything. I need to just get away for 2 weeks and feel alive. If you live nearby a beach and have a house that we can exchange with eats other take contact: Nothing silly please. Normal girls maby my letter friend on the trip? Do you like to visit Norway?Take a look at my post about the destination? live in the known city of tourism Bergen. Where do you live and how is it in your day life? Take contact and of course follow my blog. It will be with go-pro cam content and my trip to a surfing beach will happen. Do you have any ide of the most calming place for a Frozen Elise? Contact information: admin@intothebathroom.com



Fuzzy duzzely?

When memory’s becomes a paper-movie you just wan to wizzle out from your brain, even you make it a happy memory somtime’s, yes you are nutty and folish, but i reconzile whit that idiotic way of thinking.



Lets switch destenation…

Everything I wrote went to let me think hmmm…. Nowhere! I wrote about switching destination whit a girl in my age, proper, honest, and a person I can get to know that can live at my apartment in Bergen, Norway. Yeah, I know sound’s weird. Anyway I’m normal and I live better than a hotel, so you will quickly enjoy whatever you like here in Norway. My destination would be a perfect beach to go to, somewhere to write and surf, kinda like The shark movie whit Lively Blake but without the shark, I rather not be eaten. Anyways here is the case, are you a woman/girl trustworthy and in for new acquaintances.


? Are you pure in heart and just want to experience something you have never seen before? I´ve seen a beach many times, we have it here in Norway too but it1s cold, and as a Norwegian, i have seen and climbed the most in this country and this city before. It’s the city inspired by Frozen by the way. I want destinations where I can surf. The deal is kinda what you as person experience here in my city and I’m in yours? About me, I’m honest, and not pore of heart or money for that matter. I have a nice apartment, better than paying 1500 KR for a day in the hotel and if your gonna go on the mountains you can borrow my stuff for that if you’re a size small. You can see it as traveling pants, cause it will be a connection and we will speak together before (an especially), meanwhile, and afterward, who knows maybe your my best friend in the world? Take contact: admin: admin@intothebathroom.com. You know all you need to be is an honest woman/girl at my age wanting to take a trip alone, like me. The good girl. Cause I am one. More about me take contact.
1. Approve of etch-other as different persons.
2. Trust each-other, This is really important.
3. Keep in contact and respect other’s stuff.
4. Keep in contact helping out the other person finding the new thing.
5. Send letters, facetime and that.
6.We are just switching destination. Flights and cash for the trip is once responsibility
7 Help you’r new friend out of the new place is an obligation.

Hope there’s somebody like me out there, wanting to just take a break from it all and see something else than normally. Somebody that understands my thoughts.


I dont think im verry scarry. I hope your not. There must be someone out there? I rather show my Life and where i live on Facetime or other apps when i found that somebody like myself. Please share this and commen’t


Knock Knock, Whos there?

Yes we have this called child abuse, from pharents, grandpharents and so forth on, but what about this thing called barnevernet or the CPS? Have you heard a insiders story? the one person and more, that some how mede it, suvived it this we call barmevernet? Let you tell you my story. They throw you around in tha country like garbage f.axample 12 time in 2 years, they medacate you when your not sick (when you have no diagnose), you’r shourly have no rigth to have children when you have been in the CPS care so be carefull, and they fuck up your life if your not fuckt up when you go out of the system OR they offer you a job? YES!

They have men abusing young boys and girls sexusally and psycially/pfysically. They ignore one or the other pharent cuase they want to keep you there, your worth 15.000 kr a day for the private institusion, some more, and its a big fucking money making machine. Have you not wonderd once why we now have “unknown” investors from Europe/China and so fourth investing in our child care? Before we hade nothing called “following up young adults” or in norwigian “ettervernet“. I live in one of the lagerges states in norway and where the test idividual for this, the first, the best (or i thougth i was this little star). Oh… what i did not know that I, Yes i? me who nobody was gonna bring forth a big ide’a that was gonna make a lot of jobs and make the private istitusion in child care BIG money. Your just a pice of paper and if you think badly of your self, be shure they will use you as someone to try somthing new on, they will make you feel special. And in the end, when your once grown up, your paperwork is gone and they will blow your life away if you have the slides ide of what they done.

Did you know that in Norway if you in any way have lived under child abuse of the state or of your pharents we have this Ide’a that you are not suited for beeing a pharent? Like ever? Its in the CPS in norways manuals, the english and yes the USA.

My Mother is a fantastic person and i love you mom, and im sorry for beeing 15 and stupid. It was hard beeing in the middle of you and dad, and im sorry i forgot about my super mom.”

I know what i say may seem unbeliveble but its true. Have you study organizations? well i go to university and oh have i learned a lot about my life and my self by starting up my collage education. I learned that i was foolish to belive they would just let me go after using me and melesting me, i was stupid to THINK i was stupid too, when i learned im an A student? i was sure they made somthing wrong, every time, until i understood there was nothing wrong whit my head and my thougths. ( I study a lot of human behaveor and theory’s)  I allways knew some how, day or onother, they would never let me go, by me knowing what they are doing to children and pharents.

So now you know i was this CPS child and their “star”, and i know what their able to do to other human beeings. It reminds me of one of hitlers child projects.

“The stronges one will suvive? sorry the theory is wrong”. I was never strong, i just had hope.




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On day’s like this i really have nothing to offer you really. I been awake to long and longing to just sleep. I want to sleep all the crap i see in the world away, at least to another heaven of two. Of course i cannot allow me to do that. So than i really should talk the talk or walk the walk.


I rather just write, write it off. I hate when people say they love Norway, i dont hate me country, but people think of this place as a good country and so forth. The truth is there you hear a lot of great things, you have a lot of acpectations that we just dont suit up to really. Sorry we are not the greatest country in the world. Its just our social care system that makes us “creat”. I will say that most outlanders would agree whit the issue, the problem is that Norwigian natives are not speared from awfull treatmeant socialy or from the goverment. If you think so you are ignoran’t and foolish.

Today i’m not gonna talk about sarcasm, or iherb, ebay, or any of that crap that in all meaning of common sence mean’s nothing when it comes to the big bang. We Norwigian natives struggle too. We Norwigians natives can also live a crappy life and meet awfull you would not even imagen, things you only think the outlanders meet at our borders or wherever.

In Norway we got these rules, call them commandments if you want. The rule is “normal” in Norway we call them “janteloven”. Tell me what the fuck is normal? Having a Tesla? a smaal apartment for 4 millions and a great guy or family, who has that anyway?, not even trumph has reach Maslows awfull and stupid pyrmid. Well 70% of Norwigian’s have axciety and it ower flow’s whit single mothers stuggeling for their kid’s? Should we blaim the men? No the goverment, who has ruind our family value’s that we so have dare to our heart’s really. And are making the Norwigian youth stupid doing it all any better. Wake the fuck up!!!! Norway has real beuty outside, who cares about about the inside? (These day’s).

Person: “Elise, you’r a princess”

Me: “thank you, but where is my cown?”


WordPress from hell…

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Hey guys, yes I told you I’d write in English, but I can not lie what confess my exemplary English skills so we just have to thank google translator who was google pretend the translator. Maybe I should reconsider myself as a better translator?

We live in a big world of an entire sheep flock who wallow in shit to be seen and read, but let me make myself clear, this is for myself. But if you drop by this yet quiet blog, dont stop, i will make it a wrap, for I have decided, then it is certain! So dear help one newborn WORD DEPRESSED- with this stuff. I’ve MAC. And you mac users shut up I’ve tried Linuc it is much the same.

So who am I, and what does this wild “antics girl” (whatever that mean)
are gonna tell you day to day? to write about? Well, Im a model? yeah go figure, it’s not as fun as it looks like. The pictures at the top is of today’s snapchat pictures (do not ask) I am interested in music, art, photograph books, classic films, and intresting people, like Einsteins for axample, to bad hes dead….. Yes makeup actually, go figure. I myself prefer everything that makes us pretty whit natural products, but show me your make your closet then Im totally lost. Equalto glossier there, but in the meanwhile me and her have completely different perspectives on life and values, even though she is an accomplished journalist? or makup maker? yeah whatever. I really want you to ask me some questions,whatever? really even if their silly, and if your good whot WORD DEPRESSED. Link me.